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If you have any donations for the raffle at this weekend's meet please bring them on the day

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 Forum User Guide

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Charlie Chalmers

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PostSubject: Forum User Guide   Mon Mar 18 2013, 23:03

Carnegie Swimming Club Forum
This is a website for Carnegie members only.
When you join please use your swimmers full name so you are easy to find if needed.
If you leave the club, you will not be able to access the forum.

It is an information tool that assists members keep track of ongoing events within the
club, eg. galas, help/volunteers required and occassionally information regarding changes
to your child’s timetable. You have access to all parts of the main forum and also the
squad that your child is in.

Quick Start
You can navigate quickly around the site, just click on the topic that you require.
All new topics and replies have an orange flag beside them on the left, occasionally if
someone edits their topic this will not show up as ‘new’
However, you can check by looking on the right side of the topic and see the date.
Or right side of page which gives you a list of ‘latest topics’
If you check these daily you will be able to keep track of new information and,
importantly, changes to timetables.
The menu along the top of the screen is important too for updates. It will state if you
have any messages. These are ‘private messages’ sent individually and give important

The Forum is split into 3 main parts

The main body
The uptodate info
Navigation and private messaging

Everyone can view General Forum, Gala info, Training, and all can post topics or reply to

General –

  • General - This contains general info. Anyone can post anything in this area.
  • Fundraising- If the club has organised a fundraising event it will be here.
  • Club kit - If you require any club hats, bags or poolside club Tshirts place a
    message here
  • Lost and found – Speaks for itself, if you lose something at a gala or poolside, enter
    it here and parents can check kids kitbags to see if it has been
    picked up by mistake.

Gala info –

  • Competition Calendar – The seasons galas that the Club and Squads are likely to enter
  • Meet info – Information about the gala that the club are attending, warm up times,
    draft programmes can be found here.
  • Gala Entries - You enter your child for galas (after consulting coaches) in this area
    stating the swims to be entered, the total cost and finally the method
    of payment – BACS or cheque/cash to squad rep. Payment must be
    received before closing date.
    This gets locked at the closing date/time so entries must be added
    prior to this time.
  • Past Gala Entries – All gala entries that have been made.
  • Gala Acceptances – If you have entered a gala, this will tell you if your swims are
    accepted. Galas run to a tight time schedule and if there are too
    many swimmers entering, some may, unfortunately, be cut due to
    the event being oversubscribed.
  • Gala Results – Occasionally results are put on the forum, but visit
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for a comprehensive list of gala results
    Gala Reports – Speaks for itself! ….. but we are always happy to have offers of help
    as the coaches cannot always do this
  • Technical Officials – In order for a gala to take place a minimum number of Technical
    Officials are required to help, and clubs are responsible for
    supplying them
    Technical officials include Timekeepers, Judges, Starters,
    Referees, Meet managers and Recorders. These are all volunteers
    from the club
    This is where volunteers sign up to help at galas.
    Courses being held (eg timekeeping) will be posted here
    When we hold our own gala, we also need marshals and
    door entry volunteers. A message will be posted online for help.

Training –

  • General – Timetable info
  • Advice and Tips – as it says!

Squads -
You only see info for the squad that your child is in. If you cannot view the
correct squad, please contact Tony Reid, Ally McKilligan, Charlie Chalmers or
your Squad Rep
You will find General info regarding your squad here.

Up-to-date info –
Scrolling on the right side of the screen, gives you most recent topics and

Live twitter feed –
follow at @CarnegieSC

Fundraising links -

  • Proswimwear – Click on this link and it takes you straight to Proswimwear web page.
    If you buy from this website, using the link, Carnegie SC will receive
    7% of the sale made (no additional charge to you!)
  • Wrightsport – Same idea as above, click on this link and it takes you to Wrightsports
    Webpage, however you must add CARNEGIESC as a discount code
    at the checkout for this to raise funds for the club
  • Easyfundraising – Click here to find many online retailers who, through using this
    site, will give a percentage of the total sale to Carnegie SC – again
    no additional charge to you. Just sign up and use!

Navigation Header –

  • Profile – Personalise/edit your forum here
    You have no new messages – this will change depending on how many private
    messages (PM) have been sent to you.
  • Inbox - A good idea to check this daily especially before training sessions
    in adverse weather. Coaches may PM for you to bring certain kit
    with you to a training session.
  • Sentbox – All messages you have sent and have been read by recipient
  • Outbox – All messages you have sent and are waiting to be read by recipient
  • To send a PM – Go to inbox, select ‘New Topic’, type in username (if known) or
    search by clicking ‘find username’. Enter Subject Heading, Type
    your message and SEND!
    Remember to delete your inbox and sent box occasionally

Any problems / queries, please contact Ally McKilligan, Charlie Chalmers or speak to your Squad Rep.
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Forum User Guide
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